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Drywall Installation

If you’ve searched recently for experienced drywall installation services, you’ll appreciate PEINTRO.Our painting commercial company also furnishes skilled assistance installing (or replacing) drywall. We serve customers across London.

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Whether you own a shopping mall, an apartment complex, or a property management company, we think you’ll appreciate our commitment to furnishing excellent service at remarkably affordable prices! We’ve assisted enterprises in the Greater London Area for some 10 years by applying commercial and industrial paints and coatings. Our company enjoys the distinction of serving as an Accredited Contractor with the Painting and Decorating Association of United Kingdom(PDA). We frequently fulfill contracts in challenging environments, e.g. by working at heights.

Customers who request our services enjoy convenient access to a variety of important decorating skills. For example, our team offers knowledgeable drywall installation services to assist with the rehabilitation and refurbishment of commercial buildings undergoing renovation and repainting. Instead of incurring the expense and delay of hiring separate contractors to undertake a series of individual projects (i.e. performing drywall installation and painting), customers count on us to furnish comprehensive interior decorating services cost-effectively. We possess the capabilities to perform several different tasks necessary to complete a successful renovation.

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Drywall Installation Services Enhance the Utility of Commercial Space

Today the installation of drywall occurs with some frequency in commercial settings. Renovating a leased space to accommodate subtenants or refinishing the premises in a way suitable for new occupants, often requires modifying interior walls. Depend on PEINTRO. to perform this task for you rapidly and efficiently. We enjoy useful experience in this field

Our assistance enables business enterprises and property management company to optimize the use of commercial real estate. We know how to install drywall to subdivide offices or to create utility rooms and storage spaces. This versatile building material supplies an excellent way to customize retail locations to suit the unique needs of different tenants, for example. Ask us to help you transform a large shop floor into a series of smaller offices. Or depend on us to assist a tenant by creating a waiting room or a lobby quickly with the addition of new drywall. We possess all the skills required to measure, cut, and install drywall additions for commercial uses.

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Rely on Our Skills to Refurbish Flats and Other Residential Locations

The installation of drywall also assists property owners and management companies in creating updated, welcoming apartments, condos, dormitories, and residential living centers. Adding drywall may enable you to increase the number of available bedrooms, or to refurbish an unfinished basement or attic in a London house into a guest apartment. When you require drywall services, we hope you’ll select PEINTRO. as your contractor.

Our knowledge of the properties of drywall enable us to solve a variety of problems for customers. We’ve invested in specialized tools to facilitate the cutting, placement, installation, and finishing of these materials. Our personnel understand the best way to apply various finishes on drywall surfaces. We help customers create many different wall and ceiling textures. Just consider a few of the measures we routinely undertake for customers seeking residential drywall services:

  • Precise measurement
  • Drywall cutting
  • Drywall placement
  • Rough framing of drywall surfaces
  • Drywall seam taping
  • Drywall finishing (including the application of paints and/or wallpaper)
  • Drywall repairs

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We welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective customers to discuss our installation services in greater detail. Our team offers a great resource for anyone considering utilizing drywall for new construction or during the renovation and refurbishment of existing real estate. Frequently, customers benefit by delegating drywall services to contractors such as PEINTRO. Our licensed and fully insured company possesses the capabilities to complete drywall projects from start to finish. Whether you seek a contractor to perform initial measurements or to finalize finishing with application of paints or wallpaper, we’ll supply the necessary construction and decorating expertise.

Do you seek the installation of drywall in a commercial business or residential setting soon? Go ahead and ask PEINTRO. to furnish this assistance in the London area now. We guarantee you total satisfaction! (We also appreciate invitations to submit competitive bids for larger drywall projects.)

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