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Window & timber restoration

Our sash window restoration services transform decayed and damaged windows; upgrading them and protecting them for the future.

Includes seamless resin timber repairs to windows, frames and sills; draught exclusion; glazing upgrades for heritage windows.

Our unique methods of timber structure repair can restore your timber elements to, or beyond, their original capacity.

We remove decayed and damaged timber and effect a seamless professional resin repair, with remarkable results.

Repairing of the existing windows and doors is kept with its architectural style and it enriches both the value and the look of your property.

When we carry out timber repairs we use a system designed to prevent water penetration. We create conservation joints between timbers to limit water ingress, and to seal and protect vulnerable joints and end-grain, which help protect against future decay.


Windows, doors and more

We can also carry out timber repairs and replacement joinery work to fascia boards, soffits, external timber beams and structural joists and columns.

We undertake full decoration of timber windows, both internally and externally.

Window painting naturally provides an aesthetic finish to any window restoration is an integral final stage of the process. But more than that, it protects the timber for years to come and enhances the durability of the restoration.

The materials we use are the highest quality.Only the best and most durable materials are good enough and will last for many years.

Colour matters, of course; and we can colour match to existing paint or to specified RAL colours

repair care

The unique benefits of Repair Care

Repair Care is a multi-stage epoxy resin system, with versatile product options to suit every repair scenario.

The resin holds its form well during application, so we can create external corners and three-dimensional shapes with ease. Once cured, Repair Care can be drilled, stained or painted, just like timber.

All of our window restorers are specially trained Repair Care certified professionals, giving the assurance that each repair will be carried out with skill and sensitivity to the building’s needs.

For more information please refer to the Repair Care website, or ask one of our team if you have a specific question.

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